Joe Novelli

Astral Slide Guitar + Trumpet + some other odds and ends
Studio. Performance. Collaboration. Tucson, AZ.

A Bit About Joe

Joe is a multi-instrumentalist and writer, known for his unique lap-slide guitar playing, melodic trumpet work, songwriting, and eclectic musical taste and aesthetic. He spends much of his time touring overseas from Europe to Greenland to Japan, and his off-time cozied up in the desert wonderland of Tucson, AZ. He primarily performs with Greenland-based "Arctic Indie" band Nive and the Deer Children, Tucson-based "Indie-Mambo" band Orkesta Mendoza, and his own Indie garage rock / punk blues band The Cloud Walls.

Joe records for artists and composers world-wide in a diverse array of styles, from experimental orchestral pop and cinematic soundscapes to indie rock, country, folk, desert noir, latin, garage, raucous punk blues and fuzzed out soul.

He writes for bands (bios and such), blogs, magazines, graduate academic programs, and educational companies.

Joe totes a professional recording set up with him wherever he goes, for the odds and ends of international spontaneous collaboration and remote recording jobs in hotel rooms, concert hall backstages, and arctic retreats. Plus, his home studio is fully equipped with UAD and Apogee A/D converters and interfaces, tube preamps and compressors, amplifiers galore, Cloud ribbon microphones, a kitten, and a wide array of instruments: Custom electric lap steels, vintage guitars, horns, drum machines, synthesizers, and even a nearly hundred-year-old Weissenborn acoustic lap slide guitar. Give him a holler and see what happens... 

Kind Words

"Aching Slide Guitar" - HARP Magazine
"Serpentine" - My Old Kentucky Blog
"Breathtaking" - The Ithaca Journal
"Ghostly" - All Music Guide
"Southwestern gothic;" "Chilling slide guitar" - New York Music Daily

Primary Studios for Local or Remote Recording Work:

Wavelab Studios, Saint Cecilia Studios, Joe's home studio

Steve Novelli's Awe-Inspiring Instruments:

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