[The Cloud Walls] Fall / Winter + Vinyl!!!


Everyone has been all over the world playing with our respective bands for the past couple months. Gabe just put out his debut solo record (which is awesome ... go to www.gabrielsullivanmusic.com and get it). Joe and Sergio have been in Europe and roundabouts the states with Orkesta Mendoza, and are gearing up to record that band's next record. But The Cloud Walls will be playing a couple fun shows around the holidays in Flagstaff and Tucson (see the shows list below). Yup Yup.

And ...

We got vinyl!! or plastic, depending on how you look at it. Good pal Mike Dixon at Lathecuts.com just cut up a short run (very limited edition...25 mono 7inches) of two songs Gabe and Joe recorded yesterday morning, "Cold & Wet" and "Magdalene." 1 1/2 hours recording, and by the end of afternoon onto a 7 inch ... pretty awesome. We'll be selling them only at the next few live shows, so come and get one before they're gone. Hot Tamale style.

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