Musings, News, Updates and the like

The following blog posts, pictures and such will be a mish-mash of The Cloud Walls news and ramblings interspersed with Joe's various travel blog writings for papers and magazines and such. An archiving in virtual print, though only stretching back to the Fall of 2014, and now from then on out.

Summer summer in the desert 

I've been off overseas for the Summer, traveling with Nive and the Deer Children in support of our second full length record Feet First. But thankfully I've a few weeks off with Cassidy (the cat) in Tucson to make the best of the tail-end wild-eyed monsoon season in the high Sonoran Desert. 

We (The Cloud Walls) all found ourselves back home at the same time in a moment of serendipity, and had a lovely time putting on a good old show at Tap and Bottle, surrounded by radio appearances on our two lovely community radio stations, KXCI and Downtown Radio. 

Now, as it goes, we all wander off for the fall season of touring, Gabe with XIXA and Howe Gelb, and myself with Nive and the Deer Children, from Greenland to Europe (with a few solo shows of my own around Holland and Denmark!). 

With luck, we'll bring it home to the desert later in the fall, for a nice little moment of the beautiful Tucson Winter. Some hometown shows too, most likely. Maybe even finish that dang record up! 



I've been off and about for a spell ... October - December with Nive and the Deer Children and Orkesta Mendoza, from Greenland to Scandinavia to the majority of northern Europe. Then, after a month-long break in Tucson, I went at it again with Nive and Co in Europe for February and March. Finally home in my favorite little desert city, I've been cozied up with my kitten and friends, writing, recording, playing, and carrying on as only T-lokes can. We (The Cloud Walls) had a nice video and article come out for the T-Town Sessions website launch that you can check out here: 

And we'll have some shows percolating throughout the next couple months until I head back over the pond for summer / fall happenings.  


Fall to Tucson 


After a Summer of travel in the Northeastern states and Europe I have made it back home in one piece. And I am darned happy to be here for the last bit of beautiful monsoon-ing. Until I leave again in November for overseas touring with Nive Nielsen and Orkesta Mendoza, I'll be playing around Tucson with friends and collaborators, and perhaps some solo and The Cloud Wall shows. See the events section below for all that noise. Okeydoke


And on to February we go, with gems, friends and so on 


Winter in Tucson has been beautiful as always. Today it's even quite cool and rainy! (For tucson ... that means a mere 60 degrees on a January afternoon).

The new album is coming along with friends from all over the world adding their talents. Expect more on that over the next few months.

In a week we'll be playing at Che's Lounge (Saturday 2.7.2015) with pal Imani Coppola visiting and joining in for the evening. See poster below. That's going to be seriously fun. Later in February Joe goes off to LA with Orkesta Mendoza for some sort of TV Luchador Shenanigans.

March will be back in Tucson for Joe's solo Wednesday residency at R Bar. A late March show with Brides for the CD release, and then Joe's off to Japan and Europe for a spell with Nive Nielsen, hopefully with a new record of The Cloud Walls in tow as well.

Up up and away!

[Joe Novelli] Late Fall Travels in the Southeast 

12.1.2014 from Knoxville, TN

December first finds me sitting outside a coffeeshop on a cool day in Knoxville, TN. I'll be writing on my various ramblings and musings to leaven the frenetic mind and compose a brand spanking new virtual column for Tucson's local arts and culture movement. Expect stories of whimsy touting my favorite places, music, and talented folks, and connecting those folks with our Tucson analogues.

For a couple weeks now I've been hitching around the southeast to see family, build a guitar, and catch up with my favorite area songwriters and producers. I first flew into Nashville, TN. My favorite Nashvillian studio owner / producer Patrick Damphier (of Field Days, The Mynabirds, and Club Roar Studios) picked me up from the airport. I had just blown smoke in the face of The Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney (mistakenly, of course ... I quite like them). Patrick (Damphier) took me on a tour of his studio before dropping me of at the Highwatt to watch my favorite songwriter in the Eastern US, Tyler Ramsey.

Tyler has a giant beard and a baby, and writes awfully pretty retro folk rock. He is best known as the tallest member of indie rock moguls Band of Horses. Tyler's last solo release, The Valley Wind, is one of my favorite albums of the last decade.

After the show another producer pal, Nick Bullock (The Sound Awake, Awake Studios) scooped me up and brought me back to his studio to while away the wee hours.

The next morning Daniel Fluitt, a Knoxvillian songwriter and frontman of Lubbock's Thrift Store Cowboys grabbed me from a nearby Waffle House. We drove like wild horses towards the best venue in the southeast, The Grey Eagle. We aimed to put on an old-school songwriters-in-the-round evening with my favorite bandleaders, all stripped down and intimate. We rode a songwriter carousel in semi-circle ... Daniel Fluitt, myself, Julie Odell (of old New Orleans band Giant Cloud), Sam Quinn (of The Everybodyfields and Japan Ten), J DiMenna, and Andy Herod (of The Comas and The Electric Owls). It was darned lovely.

After a few days in Asheville, NC I headed up to Knoxville, TN to wash windows, hang christmas tree lights, play with familial youngins , and build a guitar with my Uncle Steve (Novelli Guitars). It's been rad. Tonight I cavort with Tim and Susan of the Tim Lee 3 (oft-frequenters of Tucson's Wavelab Studios), and Daniel Fluitt to go see Sam Quinn's live radio show on WDVX. Wednesday will find me back in the Old Pueblo slinging drinks at Penca and making sounds for Logan Dirtyverbs Phillips' Sonoran Strange book release at Club Congress (Friday the 5th, 7PM).

Well, that's about it for now. Until next time ...
-Joe Novelli

[The Cloud Walls] Fall / Winter + Vinyl!!! 


Everyone has been all over the world playing with our respective bands for the past couple months. Gabe just put out his debut solo record (which is awesome ... go to and get it). Joe and Sergio have been in Europe and roundabouts the states with Orkesta Mendoza, and are gearing up to record that band's next record. But The Cloud Walls will be playing a couple fun shows around the holidays in Flagstaff and Tucson (see the shows list below). Yup Yup.

And ...

We got vinyl!! or plastic, depending on how you look at it. Good pal Mike Dixon at just cut up a short run (very limited edition...25 mono 7inches) of two songs Gabe and Joe recorded yesterday morning, "Cold & Wet" and "Magdalene." 1 1/2 hours recording, and by the end of afternoon onto a 7 inch ... pretty awesome. We'll be selling them only at the next few live shows, so come and get one before they're gone. Hot Tamale style.